What you’ll learn:

  • How to get your Facebook timeline set up correctly and optimized
  • Brand building techniques
  • How to craft a simple unique selling proposition that converts
  • How to work with cover photos, pics, and app logos while staying FB compliant – no website urls in the cover!  :)
  • Ninja FB ad tip where you can literally double the size of the ad and reduce your cost per click
  • How to add milestones to your timeline and why they are sweeet!
  • Proven strategies on how to use custom applications like “Fan Reviews” to generate tangible ROI
  • Default landing tab problem = DE-BUNKED
  • How to set up a custom url so that you can direct prospects to the landing page of YOUR choice
  • How to increase engagement by inviting friends, messaging and establishing trust quickly
  • Tips on how to form a social alliance that can spin off referrals that create money in the bank baby!  :)

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(This replay is primarily audio, we didn’t use much video)

Hey how are ya!?

I just wanted to reach out and share a couple quick updates with you and also give a great big “Thank You” for all of the feedback that I received during the iPad Giveaway.  Hearing that others are having success is the best part of my business.

Member Spotlight Webinar tomorrow (this is going to be pretty sweet)

Date: Wednesday (2/15) at 4pm pst / 6pm cst / 7pm est / 11pm gmt


Contest Winners:

Be sure to click on their business names and connect on their FB pages as well.

Additional prizes include:

Hope you’re having a nice day so far.  I’m going to get into a bottle of pinot noir if you need me :)



P.S.  If you won a prize above then you are also invited to speak on the Members Spotlight call as well.  Check your email for details and or reply and I’ll re-send them.


What’s inside:

  • The step-by-step process for creating a residual income serving local businesses
  • How you can easily outsource all the technical tasks so you can simply pick your markets and let others do all the heavy lifting
  • How to choose killer niche markets that are guaranteed to deliver results in NON competitive markets
  • Don’t like selling? Perfect, we’ll show you how we outsource the selling to local businesses so we can stay at home with our families
  • My feedback – I’ve meet with Brian a number of times and his local SEO expertise is very impressive.  I’ll also be speaking at their event in San Diego 2/18 as well if you’re in the area.  To join us:  http://bit.ly/LMMnick

Ninja video marketing tips that Brian shared:

  • Keep videos one minute or less.  Break them up into multiple parts if necessary
  • The more watched the videos are the better overall ranking they will get
  • Put your keyword in the title of the video
  • Description box format:  (Keyword)(http://your website)(write your video description)(keyword)
  • Category suggestions:  “How to” or “News”
  • Tags:  Not all that important – use your title name
  • Drive backlinks to your video:  Go to www.fiverr.com and search for video backlinks and pay $5 to get backlinks  (don’t do this for websites)
  • Recommended technology to use:  Traffic Geyser, Tube Mogul, and Hayspread (they help to distribute videos)

Join Brian Williams and I in San Diego February 17th – February 19th at his Local Marketing Mastery live event.  It’s going to rock for sure.  Click http://bit.ly/LMMnick for details.

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To your online marketing success,

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What is Facebook Timeline?

  • Radical new profile design
  • Changes profile from a list of recent updates to a complete summary of your entire life since birth including photos, videos, and all locations you’ve visited.  Awesome, yet a little creepy huh!?
  • Uses an algorithm to assess most important moments of your life which you can then edit.
  • You’ll have a 7 day grace period to decide what you would like to share on your timeline.  Yes, all of your old FB data will be present.  Remember those goofy status updates from college?  Get ready!

How to Get Facebook Timeline?

Step 1:  Click here

Step 2:  Click the “Get Timeline” button on the bottom right

What to Do Now?  7 Tips for you…

  1. Cover – appears above profile pic.  Don’t worry about the pic size…it will look “normal” once your publish your timeline.
  2. Views – see everything in one place.  This is where you’ll find your info, photos, likes etc
  3. Activity Log – view all of your posts and activity since you joined FB.  Only can access this
  4. Stories – this is your timeline.  Rediscover old memories by scrolling the dates on the right side
  5. Star, Hide, or Add – Hover over a story and click the (star) to expand it.  Or click the (pencil) to hide or delete the post.  Hover over the dots on your timeline to view them.
  6. 7 Day Grace Period – be sure to edit your timeline and privacy setting now.  They will see your old profile until you either “Publish” your timeline or after the 7 day grace period.
  7. View as a Friend – Click the drop down to the right of the activity log to view your timeline as another person.

So What Do You Think?

  • Do you like the new Timeline layout?
  • Are you worried about privacy?
  • Write a comment below and share your feedback

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What you’ll learn:

• 5 Simple proven strategies that will help you get thousands of fans within 30 days
• A “mobile” Facebook marketing technique that will blow your mind (thank you Nathan Latka!)
• Summary of the Frank Kern & Eben Pagan contest case studies
• Facebook contest marketing strategies
• How to convert fans into paying customers within 30 days…guaranteed
• How to generate tangible social ROI without the overwhelm and frustration
• Hear from Business Coach Expert Lou D’alo

For more information on our Triple Your Fans live group coaching go to: http://bit.ly/tb9i3N

So what did you think about the content? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments and would really love for you to share YOUR best tips there as well. Let’s help each other smash it on social media!

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Magic Bullet Seminar 2011 – This is live footage from one of the largest internet marketing conferences of 2011

Other event speakers:  Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Mike Koenigs, Trey Smith, Amish Shah, Jose Rivera, Gauher Chaudhry, Jeff Johnson, Nate Broughton, and Vishen Lakhiani.

What’s in it for you:

  • I share my entrepreneurial war story…from near bankruptcy to 6-figures within 6 months and exactly how I did it
  • Facebook Launch Formula – how to launch your page and generate an immediate tribe of fans
  • Facebook Contest Strategies – step by step instructions on how to execute a viral social contest
  • Facebook Affiliate Marketing – specific instructions on how to make money with Facebook marketing.  I break down 2 case studies on how I ran Facebook ads and generated over 6-figures of revenues with very little time or experience needed.

So what did you think of the presentation?

Drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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P.S.  Here’s 2 free webinar trainings coming up…jump on board and take your social ROI to the next level with us.

1.  Live Webinar:  5 Simple Steps to Get 5,000 Fans in 30 Days

2.  Live “Facebook Kingpins” Webcast with 10 Top FB Experts

  • Join me and top experts like Brian Moran of Get 10k Fans
  • Click to register:  http://bit.ly/uqJEzX

This webinar got tons of great reviews…enjoy!

Featuring: James Wedmore (The YouTube King) He really knows his stuff :)

You will learn:

  • The secret techniques that get him and his clients thousands of views, targeted traffic, and sales every day!
  • How to get your videos on the 1st page of Google – the easy way!
  • How you can convert your views into traffic highly qualified leads w/ video.
  • A proven, simple 3 step system to get any video thousands of hits.
  • How to breathe life back into existing videos for instant results.
  • Join us live and enter to win FREE access to the Facebook Mastery Summit ($997)
  • And much more…

[Contest winners] Congrats and thank you for being on live and participating!

  • Prize:  Access to the Facebook Mastery Summit ($997 value) www.fbmasterysummit.com
  • Patrick Allen
  • Leslie Montgomery
  • Cheryl White

One more contest left…you’ll have to watch the end of the video to find out what it is!  :)

  • Prize:  Access to the Facebook Mastery Summit ($997 value) www.fbmasterysummit.com

If you dig this training please share it with your friends and co-workers…your referrals are greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

To your online success,

So far we have tracked a total of 72 Facebook Mastery Summit members over a 50 day period and they have generated over 41,000 fans collectively…how crazy is that!?

Check out our Member Spotlight webinar and see for yourself…

What’s in it for you?

  • Hear from our very own Debbie Frank the “Social Media Cowgirl” as she shares how she generated over 5,000 fans in 50 days
  • Graphic designer & social media expert Roshan Khan from “SocialRank” shares new tips and insights
  • Our very own Anngie Jenkins the “Credit Score Queen” shares how she grew over 1,000 fans and generated leads within 50 days

For 3 additional free training videos be sure to check out the Facebook Mastery Summit for details.  Links at the top of the page.

So what’s your favorite Facebook marketing tip?  Share a comment below and let us know! :)

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We had a huge turnout for the call…exciting stuff!

Also – I’ll be sharing the iPad 2 winners tomorrow (7/8/11)

The end of the video shares the details about how to enter the iPad raffle etc.  Good luck!

50% off advanced coaching ends tonight… www.fbmasterysummit.com.

What others are saying…

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P.S. Here is a link to download the two most recent trainings… The Facebook Launch Formula and the Facebook Mastery Summit Member Spotlight – https://www.yousendit.com/download/dkJvZUNpd0lCSnBjR0E9PQ